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Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles is an all-natural product and slightly more expensive than Paraffin candles. It is available in shades of brown or bleached white, and several other colors. It has a sweet honey scent. It is sold by weight and may be purchased in block, pellet, or sheet form. It is generally combined with other waxes to increase burning time and improve the wax for molding and dipping. Beeswax is very sticky, so candles made just from beeswax generally need to be dipped or rolled. If molds are used, a special releasing agent must first be applied. Due to its low-shrinkage qualities, few or no wells form in the middle of the candle which means little or no refilling as the candle cools.

Beeswax is a secretion of honeybees. They use it to build the combs were they store their honey and incubate their larvae. When bees secrete wax, they shape it into the hexagonal shapes we associate with honeycombs. Amazingly, all bees, all over the world, have the ability to create hexagons with their wax- and each hexagon has angles within 3 to 4 degrees of each other! The layer of hexagons are offset from one another, and result in the optimal use of space and engineered strength to allow 1 pound of hive wax to hold 22 pounds of honey! When beekeepers remove the honey for processing, they melt down the wax and sell it in blocks for cosmetics and candlemaking. Beeswax candles has a wonderful sweet smell, which varies depending on the type of plants and flowers on which the bees feed. Natural beeswax is golden yellow to brownish in color, and contains bee and plant parts. It can be filtered to remove the impurities or bleached to a pue white, if desired. It is among the most desirable materials for candlemaking as it burns slowly with a beautiful golden glow and smells sweet. It can also be mixed with Paraffin to create a more affordable but long-lasting candle.