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Gel Candles

Gel wax is mineral oil that has been thickened by a specialpolymer into a clear, slow burning wax. Which burns slower than other traditional wax. It has a unique, clear look to it.

Gel wax melts differently than other wax. Instead of reaching a certain temperature and than melts like other wax, it gets thinner as it gets hotter and thicker as it cools. it melts at a much higher temperature (180-220F), so you would have to melt it over direct heat.

Gel melts slower than other wax, and because it is over direct heat at a much higher temperature than other wax, do not leave it unattended at any time.

Gel wax is clear which allows for creativity, and a unique look. Because it is clear and thick you can suspend items into which seams to float, but be sure that you don't embed anything that is flammable. Also because it is clear, when you light the wick it has a glow to it.

Make sure to trim the wicks carefully on gel candles because it burns much slower than other wax and the flames are much smaller.

There are three kinds of grade to gel candles:

CLP grade which is low density, low density gel melts and pours the easiest, but it isn't thick enough to support embeds, and can only hold up to 3% fragrance.

CMP grade which is meduim density, meduim density is the most used. It will hold up to 5% fragrance oil, and will hold embeds pretty well.

CHP grade which is high density, high density gives you the ability to suspend dense pigments,glitter, or other embeds. It's hader to melt and pour.

Gel safe fragrance must be completely oil-soluble to be used in gel candles. Other fragrance have some component that is not completely oil-soluble. They can cause the gel to break down and form small pockets within the candle that can be flammable.