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Paraffin Candles

Paraffin wax is the basic wax used for candlemaking. It contains oil, is colorless and odorless, and has a glossy, translucent finish when hardened. it is sold by weight and may be purchased in bead, block, or pellet form. Paraffin wax is generally classified by melting points such as low (126-132 F),
meduim (135-145 F), and high (145-150 F). Low-melt waxes are used for container candles, voltives, and cut-and-curl candles. Meduim-melt waxes are used for general candle making, dipped candles, and Floating Candles. High-melt waxes are used for specialized candle making such as hurricane candles. Paraffin wax drips too much when used alone, so often stearin is added to the wax. Vibar, available at candle making shops, may be substituted for stearin, or paraffin wax premixed with stearin may be found at candle making shops.